1. Development,Meaning and scope of statistics
2. Functions,Importance and limitations of statistics
3. Planning of statistical investigation
4. Collection of statistical data
5. Census and sample investigation
6. Editing and collecting data
7. Classification and tabulation of data
8. Diagrammatic presentation of data
9. Graphical presentation of data
10.Statistical averages
11.Measures of dispersion and skewness
13.Index numbers
14.Analysis of time series
15.Indian statistics

1. Accounting standards and international financial reporting standards (IFRS)
2. Human resource accounting
3. Inflation accounting
4. Responsibility acccounting
1. Royalty accounts
2. Branch accounts
10A.Departmental accounts
5. Hire purchase system
6. Instalment payment system
7. Insolvency accounts
8. The insolvency and bankruptcy code -2016
9. Insurance claims

1. Cost accounting:an overview of fundamental aspects
2. Cost:Concepts and classification
3. Elements of cost and components of total cost
4. Cost audit
5. Materia control:Concept and techniques
6. Material:Purchase,storing,issue,losses and pricing of material issues
7. Labour cost control procedure:Labour turnover,idle time and overtime
8.Labour remuneration: Method of wages payment including incentive schemes
9. Overheads:Classification and departmentalisation
10.Absorption of overheads and and accounting of certain overheads
11.Machine hour rate method of factory overheads absorption
12.Unit or output costing method
13.Determination of quotation price/tender price
14.Reconciliation of cost accounts with financial accounts
15.Contract costing
16.Job and batch costing
17.Process costing
18.Process costing:Equivalent production
19.Service costing/operating costing
20.Non integral accounting system
21.Integrated accounting system

1. Issue,Forfeiture and reissue of shares
2. Redemption of preference shares
3. Issue of debentures
4. Redemption of debentures
5. Financial statements or final accounts of companies
6. Accounting for amalgamation of companies
7. Accounting treatment for internal reconstruction
8. Consolidated Balance sheet of holding companies
9. Valuation of goodwill
10.Valuation of shares